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The Real Estate Department at EFE&ENE is formed by a team of advisors with ample training and experience in the real estate sector and a specific specialisation in advising on large real estate portfolios, both from the point of view of organisation as well as that of investment.

Forming part of a Multi Family Office allows us to have a global view of the assets each client has and to focus the advice, always seeking to optimise the results.

What we do?

  • Real estate consultancy: Organisation, obtaining value and updating major real estate portfolios
  • Commercialising assets for these major assets
  • Valuation
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  • Real estate consultancy

    Real estate assets are a major part of the assets. The treatment that must be given to such investments must be from a professional approach:

    • Maximum optimisation of profitability and the value of the assets in portfolio
    • Establishing the best investment and real estate expansion strategies
    • Identifying and seeking the appropriate assets to meet the objectives set
    • Locating Investments, Investment Partners and Real Estate Financing

    The fact of being part of a Multi Family Office and thus having a multidisciplinary team allows us to advise and accompany the client in negotiation and co-ordination of any operation related to:

    • Legal advice
    • Financial advice
    • Representation in negotiation and closure with the client
  • Intermediation

    Considered an advantage in the transaction and not an added cost, it is of great importance in order to select the candidate to conclude the operation.

    The aim is also to manage to bring the positions closer together, without forgetting defence of the client’s interests, providing skills and experience in negotiation, always performing that task in a context of maximum discretion.

    EFE&ENE has the necessary contacts and resources to locate investment opportunities, either directly, or through vehicles (funds, real estate companies, Socimis, etc.) both national and international.


    • Offices / Commercial, Industrial, Residential, Hotel and Leisure Premises
    • Profitable real estate
    • Unique assets / projects
    • Investment vehicles
  • Valuation

    Being aware of what real estate transactions involve for the parties involved, special interest is placed on achieving the greatest possible objectivity and rigor possible in the valuations, and to achieve it we base this on our experience and specialisation in the specific geographic field in which we work, applying effective market analysis and data collection procedures.

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