Legal Area

EFE&ENE has a major independent team of lawyers with recognised prestige, able to attend all situations that may arise in relation to corporate and family assets.

EFE&ENE aims to obtain in-depth knowledge of the needs of your family or corporate group and its peculiarities in order to be able to offer you a service based on excellence and the results.

The Legal Department at EFE&ENE always aims to anticipate problems and has a clear goal: the client’s peace of mind. Advice by the Legal Department at EFE&ENE focuses on entrepreneurs as well as family groups.

There is always a double aim: to assure and protect wealth, preventing risks and resolving internal or external issues.

Forming part of a Multi Family Office and thus having a multidisciplinary team with financial specialists, both in the investment part as well as the strategy and corporate development part allows us to provide comprehensive, definitive solutions.

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  • High net worth clients / Family groups

    As Multi Family Office, we have gathered an important experience in advising large family groups and corporations. The objective is always to work to protect and increase all the areas comprising the assets in any circumstance.

    • Legal and tax organisation for large fortunes.
    • Advice for family companies.
    • Succession planning.
    • Regulation of economic marital regime – matrimonial capitulations.
    • Protection of family and/or corporate assets.
    • Conveyance of companies / new partner inclusion.
    • Family protocols.
    • Advice on investment vehicles.
    • Advice on investment products and their tax treatment.
  • Mercantile

    The Mercantile Law Department at EFE&ENE covers the fields of mercantile and company law. Our professionals have long standing experience and great prestige in this field. Some of the specialities in this field are:

    • General mercantile advice.
    • Advice on corporate governance in the company / group.
    • Participation in Board of Directors’ meetings.
    • Mergers and acquisitions.
    • Restructuring corporate groups.
    • Refinancing.
    • Private Equity.
    • Shareholders’ Agreements.
    • Joint Ventures and demerger operations.
    • Distribution, agency and franchise agreements.
    • Precontractual negotiations and sale purchase agreements.
  • Bankruptcy proceedings / Mediation


    Our Legal Department has consolidated, recognised experience in the field of Insolvency Law, having intervened in major receiverships of companies, both as the lawyers to the companies, as well as directly, acting as bankruptcy administrators.

    • 100% success in having bankruptcy declared fortuitous.
    • Arrangements with acquittal exceeding 50% of the debt and waiting periods of more than 5 years.
    • In some cases remissions of up to 80 % of the debt for private individuals and the self employed.
    • We have participated in more than 100 bankruptcy proceedings.


    • Insolvency mediators with ample experience in refinancing.
    • Corporate conflict management.
    • Family conflict management in the corporate setting.
  • Banking law

    The fact of belonging to a Multi Family Office and having a team of specialists in financial investment provides us an exhaustive knowledge of the products and applicable regulations. Until present, we have a percentage of 99% success in the cases we have managed.

    • Breach of the Mifid regulations on investor protection.
    • Preferential stock and subordinate debentures.
    • Structured bonds.
    • Floor clause.
    • Mortgage bonds.
    • Abusive clauses.
    • Swaps.
    • Financial swaps.
    • Shares in Banks / Savings Banks participation stakes.
  • Investment – Financing

    The fact of belonging to a Multifamily Office and having a team of specialists in corporate strategy and development allows us to deal with negotiations from a global, legal and financial point of view and to thus achieve definitive, comprehensive solutions for the client.

    • Investment planning and analysis. Legal implications.
    • Project finance.
    • Asset financing.
    • Structured financing.
    • Warrant issues or coverage.
    • Syndicated operations.
    • Sale-leaseback operations.
  • Labour

    We have a team of professionals that has negotiated diverse Collective Bargaining Agreements and Redundancy Proceedings involving more than 500 workers, having reached agreements in the great majority of the cases, as well as a long experience of labour advice for companies, aiding the Human Resources Departments in conflict settlement.

    • Drawing up top management contracts.
    • Hiring: labour and agency.
    • Amendment of working conditions.
    • Negotiation of Collective Bargaining Agreements.
    • Corporate restructuring and redundancy proceedings.
    • Mergers and acquisitions: resolving labour issues.
    • Branch of activity demergers.
    • Juridical proceedings.
  • Criminal, economic and corporate defence

    We have experience in defence, both for natural persons, as well as corporate level for legal persons.

    • Fraud.
    • Corporate crime.
    • Punishable insolvency / Misappropriation.
    • Financial crime.
    • Tax crime.
  • Procedural and litigation

    Our lawyers have a major procedural experience in the different fields of law.

    • Contracting
    • General Contracting Conditions
    • Agency, Distribution, Concession and Franchise Contracts
    • Contractual termination and cancellation procedures
    • Procedures regarding validity, interpretation and performance of civil and mercantile contracts
    • Ownership, possession, transmission and administration of real estate
    • Quantity claims, collection proceedings.
    • Enforcement proceedings
    • Personal guarantees (deposits) and in rem (pledge and mortgage)
    • Letters of exchange, cheques and promissory notes
    • Foreign judgements and arbitration findings
    • Judicial titles
    • Management of judicial auctions
    • Provisional enforcement of court orders
    • Monitory and exchange proceedings
    • Liability actions
    • Contractual liability
    • Extra-contractual liability
    • Professional liability

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