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The Financial Advisory Department at EFE&ENE has always been our keystone, on which our clients’ confidence has been built since 2003.

The Financial Advisory Department provides advice on individual portfolios and investment vehicles such as SICAVs, SIFs, investment funds, unit links, etc.

Our focus is always systematic: as it is impossible to guess the future, we simply adapt ourselves to the events with clear and simple rules.

Our objective is to limit the losses and to let the profit flow in, something that should be in the creed of all investors to fulfil the first objective, to preserve the capital.

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  • Completely aligned with your objectives

    Our objectives are your own, so our fees are linked to your success.

    We do not deposit, nor do we want to manage for you or have powers of any kind, so our success is based solely on providing you expert advice and in you being satisfied.

    We work with a whole range of banks and know the advantages and disadvantages of each one, but above all we sit at the centre of the market. We receive analysis, investment ideas and operations that complete a global view of what is happening, and we integrate all this with a proven systematic methodology refined over more than 12 years.

  • Yet another year, the portfolios efe&ene has advised have managed to obtain fantastic results

    Past results do not assure future results: However, at EFE&ENE, these are not due to coincidence, but rather to a proven methodology that produces consistent results.

  • Conservative Portfolio Against the benchmark A low volatility portfolio, conceived to obtain higher positive profit from fixed yield over terms of 12 months and with lower risk.
    • Return 0,00%
    • Volatility 0,00%
    • Benchmark 0,00% Euribor 1 year + 200 pb
  • Moderate Portfolio Against the benchmark A medium volatility portfolio, conceived to obtain higher positive yields than those obtained from mixed portfolios over terms of 24 months, with less risk.
    • Return 0,00%
    • Volatility 0,00%
    • Benchmark 0,00% Euribor 1 year + 400 pb
Portfolio results
EFE & ENE, a secure value with 12 years of experience
Leader in global advice for high net worth clients
  • Comprometidos con la transparencia

    Familia y Negocio tras la implementación de la normativa Mifid II puede recibir retrocesiones por acuerdos con entidades financieras. Estas retrocesiones sirven para reducir el coste del asesoramiento financiero que prestamos. No recibimos retrocesiones ni ingresos de parte de ninguna entidad financiera si no es para reducir dicho coste del servicio del cliente y siempre por supuesto informando al cliente con anterioridad.

  • Methodology with proven success

    There is an opportunity in every danger. Such demanding years as those we have lived through have at least been of use to test our methodology, that is more robust than ever after 12 years.


    We do not believe in profiles; we believe in our Client’s goals and in them sleeping well at night. Due to this, at EFE&ENE no two portfolios are the same.

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